“The first step is often what defines a journey for ORGANIC MART INDIA this step was a bold and ambitious one”

From a humble beginning as a organic cotton & fair trade garment and fabric manufacture we ORGANIC MART INDIA are more ethical than the next business we’re just out to try something different to make a buck to bring people the clothes they love to be human and have good time in the process.

Fabric is a part of what sets ORGANIC MART INDIA from the competition our smooth soft 100 % organic cotton knits & woven fabrics have raised the bar our fabric hand feel or softness can challenge any organic cotton exporting countries worldwide our fabric processing facilities has all advanced technology machines to ensure standard quality shrinkage and stability within tolerance we are already planning technological and mechanical advancements in order to make our processing house as environmentally responsible organization each and every effort of ours is directed towards realizing this ambition.

Every employee is committed to his dream empowered by a common shared vision.

Our aim is to work towards enhancing the satisfaction of our valuable customers by focusing on consistency in production quality timely delivery and good customer service.

Why Organic Cotton?

Organic Cotton

Before 1930.all cotton was organically grown. Today non organic cotton accounts for 22.5% of all insecticides and 11% of all pesticides used in agriculture throughout the world.

By using this beautiful braid, fabricated from certified ORGANIC COTTON and dyed with low impact dyes. You can make a small. But significant difference. BEGINE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Cotton is a natural fiber harvested from the cotton plant. Cotton is one of the oldest fibers under human cultivation, with traces of cotton over 7,000 years old recovered from archaeological sites. Cotton is also one of the most used natural fibers in existence today, with consumers from all classes and nations wearing and using cotton in a variety of applications. Thousands of acres globally are devoted to the production of cotton, whether it be new world cotton, with longer, smoother fibers, or the shorter and coarser old world varieties. Organic make your child happy and healthy.

Produce highly qualitative and sustainably manufactured clothing and use the profits to support the protection of our planet. 5% OF OUR PROFIT DIRECTED TO SUPPORT POOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN IN INDIA .